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Tips for managing a guest list

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Congratulations!! You're engaged and planning your wedding. You're in love and naturally you want the world to know about it. Unfortunately though, everyone can't attend your wedding unless you also happen to be a trillionaire with enough space to accommodate everyone comfortably. Who then should you invite? This is a question that brings out so many emotions in couples perhaps due to strained relationships and long distance relationships to name a few.

First, you want to make a list of your must have guests. We'll refer to this as the "A" list. These are all the people that you can't imagine being without on your special day such as close family and friends. Include on this list any plus one's, children, etc. that may accompany this guest if you so choose. Some couples elect to not include plus one's or children. You will need to determine that for yourselves. As an example, you must have Aunt Jackie at your wedding. If Aunt Jackie is married, it's customary to invite her husband so keep that in mind when creating your list. The more people you invite, the higher the cost.

Once you're done with your list, total the number of guests. With this total in mind, you want to chose a venue that will comfortably accommodate the number of guests you've chosen.

After you've booked your venue and before you send out your invitations, you can create a second guest list which we will refer to as the "B" list. This list will include the names of guests who you wish you could invite but can't. This list can be used in the event someone on your "A" List cannot attend. Keep in mind the cost! If you have a hand full of guests from your "A" list that cannot attend, do you really want to fill that space or save the money?

Set a RSVP deadline for your "A" list right around eight weeks prior to your wedding date which will allow guests time to receive the invitation and respond in turn allowing you time to mail and receive responses from your "B" list of guests if you so chose. The "B" list rsvp deadline can be about three weeks prior to the date of your wedding.

Keeping the two lists can greatly reduce your stress and help you to manage your guests so that your wedding day is enjoyable and an Elegant Experience!

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